Schopplein client photography

above: Photo of William T. Wiley with his artwork, Nomad Is an Island, 1981.

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WEB-SCANS, unlike REPRO-SCANS, need to be small enough to easily navigate the internet, which makes them inadequate for reproduction.

For reproduction quality scans (REPRO-SCANS) the minimum requirement is 300 DPI for a 10 inch image. This is at least a 100 times the size of a WEB-SCAN which offers 300 DPI for a 1 inch image, (or 72 DPI for a 5 inch image).

My charge for most of the REPRO-SCANS I produce is $25, the same as for a 35mm color transparency. They offer the same reproduction quality as high quality 35mm film originals, but with many important advantages. Most importantly, they can be duplicated without loss of quality and will never fade. It is therefore a superior archival medium. I now deliver them as both TIFF and JPEG files for your convenience.

While most of my digital images are delivered as these low cost REPRO-SCANS, it is possible to make higher definition REPRO-SCANS that match the quality of medium or large format films. The cost for the higher definition REPRO-SCANS I offer for architectural or illustrative photography or high quality giglée prints range from $50 to $125. I can quote a definite price when the requirements are established. Besides the higher cost they also pose the problem of producing very large file sizes ranging from fifty to hundreds of megabytes.

iPhoto and similar programs make it easy for you to reduce any REPRO-SCAN to the size of a WEB-SCAN yourself, but you can also order WEBS-SCANS in addition to the REPRO-SCANS for $2 per image. The REPRO-SCANS I deliver are identified by the letter “r” after the first three or four digits of my file numbers, while the letter “w” identifies the WEB-SCANS.

E-mails are a great way to communicate when ordering, as long as it is understood that E-mails can get lost in spam filters and other black holes of cyber-space and sometimes need to be backed up by phone calls.

Joe Schopplein
telephone 415-387-3300