Pictures of Joe Schopplein

Above left: In Germany at age 11, drawing cowboys and Indians.

When I immigrated to America in January 1952, I found there was much curiosity about what it was like to grow up in Nazi Germany. While I told many of my new friends and acquaintances some of my experiences, I later found that their memories of what I had told them had become distorted. Because my stories did not neatly fit their preconceived ideas, they edited them for a better fit. As time passed, I found that these distortions took on ever more grotesque forms. I therefore decided to publish my remembrances in a memoir.

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Above right: At age 78 in the Wild West with my hoss and shootn' iron.

On my 78th birthday I found about sixty rough drawings I had started to make as a teenager. I originally planned to use them some day as a basis for more finished art to illustrate a book about my experiences of growing up in Nazi Germany. Instead I now decided to use most of them just as they are, and simply wrap some text around each drawing. To make sure my memories would not be adapted to anyone else’s ideas, I made a point to do all the work of writing, editing, layout and getting it printed myself, although I gratefully considered advice given by many friends and acquaintances. For the sake of brevity, thank you all! The book is called But Fear Itself. —Joe Schopplein.

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